About us

About us


We are a team with long years of experience and are here to address your needs by providing competent advice and tailored-to-suit service and to deal with your requirements quickly and to your utmost satisfaction.

The automotive industry is complex and has an overwhelming range of offers.

We can help you find your way through the thicket of information, good advice and offers round and about car manufacturing, taking you straight to the point. We can locate what you are looking for quickly and professionally.

To restore the best possible functionality of production-related faulty parts, you will find our creativity and expertise know no bounds.

We produce, for example, order-specific moulds, gauges and tools.

This yields very low-cost solutions for our customers and ensures fast and safe reworking at our end.

Relief for your own resources > focus on your core competence

Turning fixed costs into variable costs > lower costs

Flexibility, very short response time > time saving

Qualified, experienced staff > product improvement

PPM avoidance/reduction > lower costs & status maintenance

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